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05/29/08 05:49 PM #21    

Mary Madson

Now that you mention it, I don't remember getting one either. I wonder if the office of alumni relations could track down a copy?

05/29/08 10:02 PM #22    


Rich Akland

Mary and Jim,
I will check on that with Augustana College. If they have them I will bring them to Minneapolis on the 8th.

05/30/08 12:40 PM #23    

Jill Kronenberger


Nope, it was Dave Sumption that kept my nose warm...until he graduated and I was left with only a nose warmer.

05/30/08 02:13 PM #24    


Karen Svanoe (Westgate)

Okay, here is the low down on the nosewarmers. It was my mother who first made me a nosewarmer. Several of the girls commented that they wished they had one, so my mother began knitting them for whoever. I am so sorry that your's was black, Jill. If I knew the directions, I would surely make you a pink one!! So many times Jill I think about you telling me that if you "toot" while in the bath tub, that you will make the water smelly and never really get clean!! I am VERY careful to heed your advise while bathing. How come you never come to the reunions?? Your jokes and laughter would add so much.

Karen Svanoe

06/02/08 07:16 PM #25    

Jill Kronenberger

Hey Karen:

Did you get my message that's it's really OK to "toot" in the bathtub? I felt it was urgent that you have this information so I venture to repeat it here. I discovered, quite accidentally, that nothing happens... apparently it's all just fresh air and sunshine anyway. I believe my mother started the original "urban Legend" with that one.

07/10/08 01:15 AM #26    

Marilyn Melby (Horgen)

Regarding those nose warmers, when I went off to Concordia in '66, I recall someone and myself wearing those nosewarmers as we walked from Moorhead over to Fargo to go Christmas shopping, and giving the shoppers and clerks quite a laugh!!! I do not remember who was with me however. And I don't know what became of my nosewarmer. Maybe it wore out! So you do not have directions for making them, Karen?? Too bad. Didn't your mother also make some super warm double thickness mittens as well? Were they Norwegian mittens?

07/15/08 11:24 AM #27    

Mary Madson

Does anyone have a picture we can post of someone wearing one of those notorious nose warmers? Speaking of pictures, Ruth Gee sent some new ones that have been added to the photo gallery. Jan Coleman also sent a really cool disc of pictures from our 40th reunion in Sioux Falls and I hope to put it in the gallery or on the home page if I can figure out how to do it.

07/16/08 04:25 PM #28    

Jim Eidet

Does anyone still have the Tollinger arrangement of the individual pictures of our class members along with Pastor Selbo, Judy Lehman and Earl Boyum? I had ours on a poster board display along with pictures from each of our past reunions; however, our cat destroyed part of it. If you have it, I would be more than happy to reimburse you for a copy made at Wal-Mart or some other photo copy shop. Hope to hear from someone soon.


08/12/08 12:54 PM #29    

Mary Madson

I noticed in Carol Wald Saia's updated profile that she has volunteered her husband to knit nose warmers for anyone who wants one. I'm envisioning a group nose-warmer photo at our next reunion! Hopefully, we'll be able to take a picture of the knitter and his wife at that reunion, too!

08/18/08 05:21 PM #30    

Ernie Hawks

Hi, you all look great and happy.
Is there any way I could get a larger copy of the picture of you all sent, either email or snail mail? These 60+ year old eyes need a larger image to really look at you today.

08/18/08 07:12 PM #31    

Jill Kronenberger

Nose warmers!!! I'm so very excited! I call pink first, or perhaps a pale salmon, fleshy wait, that will only make by nose look bigger. On sceond thought light blue, yeah, that's the ticket.

Well, I certainly wish I'd gone to one of these sooner. 42 years is a very long time...the better part of a life time now that I think of it. You guys are the only ones who share my high school memories. I've lost touch with everyone from Casper, Wyoming since Mother & Daddy moved away in 1978 and I've never returned. I've no siblings, children or parents left so that makes you very special, even more special than I realized. It was kind of like discovering part of my life that I'd lost. And the CD's of the choir!! What a fabulous treat...thanks again Greg. It will remain a warm, wonderful memory thanks to all of you who put it together and everyone who came.

Having said that...I nominate Northern California for the next time. I'm thinking...a chartered bus for a tour of the Napa Valley and/or Tahoe and then Amtrak from Sacramento to San Francisco for the day. I'd be happy to research the cost. I have no idea what the bus would cost, but we could all be together. Amtrak would be minimal cost and no hassle transportation/parking in San Francisco. Just a thought. Whadayathink?

08/20/08 12:31 PM #32    

Don Hauge

Thanks Jill for your wonderful comments and for putting forth an offer to host the next reunion. Say what you want but seeing the smiles of people you knew 40 years ago was special. Celebrating the spirit of the Academy is eternal. So, we have plenty to build on. The Ohio group, at the Sunday brunch, came up with Gatlinburg Tennessee as a potential spot. So, I guess east and west has to have a talk.

09/12/08 10:17 PM #33    

Eunice Aaland (Halverson)

I finally took time to visit the website. Seems like this summer has been a blur -- and we really did hate to miss the party in August. But little Connor took precedence. All of you who have told us that being a grandparent is wonderful ---- you're right! I was fortunate enough to be with Nicole and Sean when Connor was born and then stayed for 10 more days. Have been back twice since then and they are coming here the end of September - he'll be baptized and of course we'll have a party. Wished they were closer -- but Southwest isn't too expensive and Indianapolis is about 1/2 for each of us.
All is well with the Halverson's -- really will plan on the next reunion. Although I like the "off-site" idea, I prefer Sioux Falls for the reunion as we get to see people from the other classes. But California or Gatlinburg for our 65th sonds great. Take care everyone!

11/26/08 11:12 AM #34    

Mary Madson

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hoping gratitude reigns at this interesting time when hope and anxiety seem to exist in equal measure.


01/05/09 12:25 PM #35    

Greg Urban

Well here it is a new year;
I trust everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a quiet time at the Urban house. Of course the grandkids made out like bandits (They always do). Have been having computer problems and I have 2 of my main computers down hard right now. Maybe I can get an upgrade soon.
We have a new member in our family. Janet got a new Kitten for Christmas. He is a white blue eyed persian and is he ever cute. I will post a picture of him on my page soon.
I am working on getting a web page set up but with the computer problems that has been put on hold for a while.
I pray you are all doing well and that God gives you many blessings in the coming year.
Greg Urban

01/09/09 06:16 PM #36    

Mary Madson

Congratulations on your retirement, Jill! It'll probably be hard to stay out of trouble with all that time on your hands...or have you already got it filled with productive things to do?


03/29/13 11:00 PM #37    


Johna Dybing (Thornton)

Have a very Happy Birthday Jim!!

Johna Dybing Thornton

09/01/13 04:39 PM #38    


Karen Svanoe (Westgate)

Could someone please update the message forum and tell us about the reunion? Thanks, Karen


09/16/15 12:39 PM #39    


Karen Svanoe (Westgate)

Who is planning on coming to the 50th reunion?? Have we found a pastor yet for the Sunday Church service??

09/17/15 07:42 AM #40    

Mary Madson

Hi Karen - haven't heard a thing. I don't know if the college takes the lead to get the ball rolling or if it's up to us to organize ourselves. I think Rich has been the coordinator for many previous reunions, but I dont know if that's by his choice or if it falls to him because he lives closer than the rest of us.

09/17/15 10:54 AM #41    

Eunice Aaland (Halverson)

Hi all -- hope everyone is planning on attending next July.  Rich and John have talked and we are meeting in October.  However -- it would be great if a couple of people would help with the plans.  Our class is responsible for planning at least the worship service. Rich probably has other details. 

02/06/16 01:45 PM #42    


Johna Dybing (Thornton)




02/07/16 10:06 PM #43    

Jill Kronenberger

Thanks's really nice to be remembered!



06/17/16 11:58 AM #44    

Linda Boulanger (Lyndon)

If you would like to fill out your questionnaire on line, you can go to  Then at the bottom click on reunion bio questions.It allows you to type your answers, then print it and send it in by mail. I don't think you can send it digitally, but you don't have to write it.

03/23/20 12:54 PM #45    

Linda Boulanger (Lyndon)

Guess Iโ€™ll join in the fun!

Think about your SENIOR year in High School. (If you can remember that long ago ๐Ÿ˜‚). The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be! It takes 5 minutes, so letโ€™s have some fun!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Class of: 1986

1. Did you marry your high school sweetheart? Didn't have one.

2. What did you drive? No car

3. Where did you work? No job

4. Where did you live? Canton SD, Tuthill SD

5. Were you in choir/band? Choir

6. Still talk to your best friends? No (Linda Hopperstad) Yes (Mary Metcalf)

7. Ever get suspended? No

8. If you could, would you go back? No

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? No

10. Did you skip? No

11. Go to all the football games? No

12. Favorite class? I don't remember Sr year. Shorthand sophomore year

13. Do you still have your yearbook? No

14. Did you follow your "original" career plan? No - Secretary

15. Do you still have your senior ring? I didn't get a class ring.

16. Favorite teacher? Pastor Vanderpan

17. What was your style? Blouse and skirt

18. Favorite shoes? Comfy

19. Favorite thing to eat for lunch? Chili with cinnamon rolls

20. Favorite band? None

21. High school: Augustana Academy

Copy & paste to your status, change the answers, post!

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